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Press Release – TMOTI Odyssey to Return Home

Official TMOTI Press Release – January 7th, 2003 For Immediate Release Contact: Larry V. Tsironis

Olympia, Greece (January 7, 2003) – With little over a year remaining before the ATHENS 2004 Opening Ceremonies, TMOTI has a tight timetable ahead of it. “The most vital issue for the Foundation is the securing of an ideal site,” commented Makis Havadjias and Panagiotis Antonakopoulos, Co-Founders of TMOTI, who surveyed the area surrounding Olympia in search of the Monument’s future home. The set goals of the trip to Olympia were to:
* Define local government role in the promotion of the Monument
* Request for public financial grants and property zoning rights in securing the ideal property for the Monument through municipal support
* Spark TMOTI passion in the minds of authorities and businesspeople in Olympia
* Accompanied by Kokos Andreou, Mavronicola Architects Inc., and Angella Blanas, TMOTI Architectural Consultant, the co-founders met with a group of interest local government dignitaries, architects, and developers for a four-day mission. Despite the winter storms, the expedition team was able to appropriately evaluate potential properties. “A project of this honor must be erected o­n a hilltop, to reach the Heavens,” suggested Blanas, as the team narrowed down the options.

Negotiations and discussions were opened with various landowners who eagerly await the progression of the Monument. With the securing of a few locations, the co-founders left the tour of Olympia with a stronger sense of what would be most appropriate for the Monument. The founders and consultants concluded that a future visit would be necessary in the near future – further exploring options.
About The Monument of the Immortals

The Monument of the Immortals is a non-profit organization in California (USA) and Cyprus dedicated to establishing a monument in Olympia, Greece to honor the history and sportsmanship of Olympic competitors and revive the ancient tradition of inscribing the names of Olympic victors.


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