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Monument Presentation Update

On June 6 2005 the Monument upgraded its power point presentation to a Director Version. The work done Pro Bono by Mr. Michael Kleanthous. Our Deepest Appreciations.

On June 21 and 25, the foundation held talks with two companies to upgrade our presentation to a DVD status.

On June 16, 2005 the monument made a presentation to Ria Morfitou at the Intercollege in Cyprus. Ria was asked to make a class project of our “going to public” section of our strategic plan. Ria agreed to consider the monument as a possible class project for fall, subject to the presidents’ approval.


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The Monument Travels to Greece

The Monument Travels to Greece

The Monument of the Immortals idea was presented to Greek officials on June 10, 2005. Mr. Spyros Kladas, the secretary general of the Olympic games 2004, was especially receptive. He promised to bring it to the attention of the alternate minister of culture, Mrs. Petralia, and arrange us a meeting with her.

The Monument of the Immortals documentation was presented to the HOC president, Mr. Minos Kyriakou on June 9, 2005.

On May 15, 2004 the Monument of the Immortals was presented to the president of the Hellenic Tourist Organization. Mr. Kalogeropoulos was very receptive and placed it under his auspices.

A presentation of the up to date developments of the Monument of the Immortals was given to the mayor of Olympia, on June 8, 2005. Mr. John Skoularikis asked and was briefed about the legal status of the presentation and the status of the fundraising effort for the monument.

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