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Role of IOC in Sport and Peace, Olympic Truce – Myth or Reality?, Can Sport Really Build Peace?

These questions and others were discussed during the first IOC Seminar on Sport and Peace for the Middle East, hosted in Aqaba by the Jordanian Olympic Committee.

Building bridges and partnerships

The Seminar strived to achieve the following objectives:

– Bring together the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) of the Middle East and North Africa region and other sports institutions to discuss what sport and peace can do to help create communication bridges between communities

– Define areas of possible partnerships among institutions at national and regional levels and encourage the implementation of joint activities

– Strengthen the sport and peace network in the Middle East, in particular with the support of the Sport and Peace Foundation of the Jordanian NOC President, HRH Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein

Strong participation
It speaks for itself that this seminar brought together representatives of 17 NOCs from the Middle East and North Africa region as well as prominent guests and speakers, including Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein; IOC members Toni Khoury – who represented the IOC President, Jacques Rogge – and General Mounir Sabet; as well as David Winiger, Special Assistant to Adolf Ogi, Special Adivsor to the United Nations Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace; and Tomas Sithole, IOC Director of International Cooperation and Development.

Main subject on their agenda: the role that sport can play in helping to unite conflicting communities. The seminar was also an occasion for Prince bin Al-Hussein to present his initiative Peace through Sport which aims to train youth leaders from areas of conflict on how to use sport as an agent for peace within their own divided communities.

Concrete recommendations

The Seminar was concluded with final recommendations in which delegates highlighted the need for sport and peace issues to be placed higher on the international agenda of sports organisations and government entities. Furthermore, they supported the IOC’s idea to organise Youth Olympic Games as a new platform to promote the Olympic Truce and Olympic values to the world’s youth. The delegates also urged the NOCs to work with their respective governments to encourage the use of sport as a peace building tool.

IOC Seminar
Photo Credit : NOC Jordan
A lively debate
From l. to r. HRH Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein, General Mounir Sabet,
Tomas Sithole and representives from NOCs of Jordan and Iraq.

IOC Seminar
Photo Credit : NOC Jordan
HRH Prince Faisal bin Al-Hussein passes a baton of peace on to Tomas Sithole.

See complete list of recommendations. (PDF)

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Press Release – Group of Leaders Needed

Official TMOTI Press Release -March 24th, 2003 Fot Immediate Release Contact: Larry V. Tsironis

Olympia, Greece (March 24, 2003) – To guide TMOTI on its noble journey, the Foundation has launched its worldwide campaign in search of its Board of Directors. TMOTI’s quest is to fill its coveted seats with dynamic personalities – determined individuals that represent worthy efforts and ideals that match the soul that the organization embodies. Of the seven seats on the Board of Directors, two will remain permanent: the Mayor of Olympia and the General Area Governor for Elia (the region in which Olympia lies). These two positions will be refilled according to who the elected local government leaders are over time. The other five seats of the international team will be comprised of leaders that come from diverse backgrounds and priceless experiences from the areas of: culture, academia, art, philanthropy, business, politics, Olympic athleticism and the non-profit sector.
The Board of Directors will shoulder the responsibilities of the awesome TMOTI journey, working with the Executive Director towards the praiseworthy destination – the completion of the monument. Every member of the board is expected to be an innovative, creative, efficient, and effective team player that will help make the decisions necessary for the successful fruition of the monument. Since 2002, TMOTI’s founders and Executive Director have diligently given birth to the Foundation, developed its management team, secured sites in Olympia, and have raised global awareness for its mission. The time has finally arrived for this labor of love to enter the next level!
All the members on the board are invited to voluntarily serve as a TMOTI Board of Director. To view the TMOTI Foundation’s Constitution that outlines the duties of the position, click here. Anyone interested in seeking a position on TMOTI’s Board of Directors must send their: cover letter, resume or CV, portfolio, and any other relevant criteria that will express their personal interest with TMOTI by contacting the Foundation at:
The Monument of the Immortals Foundation
3452 University Avenue
Riverside, California 92501
Tel: (951) 275-9900
Fax: (951) 275-9930

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Press Release – Transformation of TMOTI.ORG

Official TMOTI Press Release -March 4th, 2003 For Immediate Release Contact: Larry V. Tsironis

Los Angeles, United States (March 4, 2003) – For those supporters who learned about the Monument in mid 2002, they may remember themselves having to type out “” (an overwhelming 33 strokes o­n the keyboard). o­n January 2003, the Foundation was baptized with a new URL –, and has been in development ever since. The TMOTI team and visitors will be able to fully utilize and communicate via by the start of April. Velos Advertising, a fresh marketing group from Cyprus, hosted the initial site of the Foundation, a key to increasing global awareness of the Monument.
With the same zest for detail and presentation, Enzyme Media Solutions, a US corporation, shouldered the responsibility to design a newer website showcasing our newly created TMOTI logo. Along with the logo, the Foundation developed its corporate image, making a new website a necessity. Panos Marcoullis, President of Enzyme Solutions praises, “An idea as good as TMOTI deserves a strong information platform to the international community.” Velos has further developed its role with TMOTI as a marketing and advertising partner. Enzyme and Velos are both significant TMOTI partners who help express the image and philosophical messages of the Monument.

For more information about our partner firms:
* Enzyme Media Solutions, Inc.
* Velos Advertising

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Press Release – TMOTI Odyssey to Return Home

Official TMOTI Press Release – January 7th, 2003 For Immediate Release Contact: Larry V. Tsironis

Olympia, Greece (January 7, 2003) – With little over a year remaining before the ATHENS 2004 Opening Ceremonies, TMOTI has a tight timetable ahead of it. “The most vital issue for the Foundation is the securing of an ideal site,” commented Makis Havadjias and Panagiotis Antonakopoulos, Co-Founders of TMOTI, who surveyed the area surrounding Olympia in search of the Monument’s future home. The set goals of the trip to Olympia were to:
* Define local government role in the promotion of the Monument
* Request for public financial grants and property zoning rights in securing the ideal property for the Monument through municipal support
* Spark TMOTI passion in the minds of authorities and businesspeople in Olympia
* Accompanied by Kokos Andreou, Mavronicola Architects Inc., and Angella Blanas, TMOTI Architectural Consultant, the co-founders met with a group of interest local government dignitaries, architects, and developers for a four-day mission. Despite the winter storms, the expedition team was able to appropriately evaluate potential properties. “A project of this honor must be erected o­n a hilltop, to reach the Heavens,” suggested Blanas, as the team narrowed down the options.

Negotiations and discussions were opened with various landowners who eagerly await the progression of the Monument. With the securing of a few locations, the co-founders left the tour of Olympia with a stronger sense of what would be most appropriate for the Monument. The founders and consultants concluded that a future visit would be necessary in the near future – further exploring options.
About The Monument of the Immortals

The Monument of the Immortals is a non-profit organization in California (USA) and Cyprus dedicated to establishing a monument in Olympia, Greece to honor the history and sportsmanship of Olympic competitors and revive the ancient tradition of inscribing the names of Olympic victors.

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Press Release – Rallying Support from Greek Americans

Official TMOTI Press Release -November 15th, 2002 Posted on Thursday, March 06 @ 13:19:49 EST by TMOTI_Webmaster
For Immediate Release Contact: Larry V. Tsironis
New York City, United States (November 15, 2002) – The Organization of the Hellenes Abroad (SAE) of North & South America held their conference in New York City on 20-25 November 2002. The international summit meeting highlighted the upcoming ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games and Volunteerism, along with an array of cultural projects seeking official support from the worldwide organization representing all the Hellenes abroad through the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
TMOTI Executive Director, Larry Tsironis, gave an informal awareness-building presentation to place the TMOTI concept on the voting floor of SAE general assembly, eventually offering TMOTI official SAE endorsement. Tsironis infomed, “This was an important step in making TMOTI a Greek household name; hallmark events such as this will allow TMOTI to successfully implement its awareness campaign. Business cards, informative literature, and photographs of a conceptual architectural model offered not only a professional image, but also inspired creativity in the minds of conventioneers. The Conference granted Tsironis, along with TMOTI Co-Founder Makis Havadjias, the opportunity to present a positive first impression as an organizing team striving for success.

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